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Browse top-tier IT job opportunities and elevate your tech career. Connect with Australia's leading companies through Advance Thinking.
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Are you exceptional at what you do?

And by exceptional we're talking about those who constantly aim higher, those who continually evolve and strive for excellence in the IT field. If this resonates with you, then we're eager to hear from you. We're partnering with the crème de la crème of organisations, teams, and individuals across Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, all on the hunt for extraordinary talents like you.

What's your reward for bringing your A-game?

At Advance Thinking, we promise more than just enticing opportunities. We offer a nurturing environment where your skills are valued, your ambitions are supported, and your growth is prioritised. Led by compassionate management who genuinely care, our team is committed to fostering an atmosphere that allows the best version of you to flourish. So, rise above the ordinary, let your true potential shine and become part of something truly extraordinary. Your journey to the top starts here. Let's rise together with Advance Thinking.

What do our consultants have to say?

Consultants in Melbourne working with Advance Thinking's comprehensive IT talent network

“Advance Thinking is a fantastic place to work with. The team checks in periodically to ensure I have the support/guidance that I need to be happy in my role. The culture at Advance Thinking is fun, laid back, diverse with a focus on its people, definitely a place to consider.” - Thao

“Working as a part of the Advance Thinking team has been an absolute pleasure. The support I received from both management and the whole crew was just fantastic. Always time for a laugh in amongst great advice!” - Simon

“I really enjoyed being part of the Advance Thinking team and this is largely due to the supportive team community you created. I really appreciated that you hosted activities for us to get to know one another and connect as a team. I felt like I had a bonus network of experts that I could draw on for advice, knowledge and information, as well as drinking buddies for Friday nights!” - Liz

“I wanted to thank you for your guidance and support. You have a very strategic, straightforward and level outlook, so it was great being able to bounce ideas around with you and to get your insights. From our initial meeting, I felt like you were someone I could trust and I could be open with, I really appreciate the chats, advice and sometimes simply having someone to listen. You always helped me work towards a good outcome, thank you.” - Tim

"During my time with Advance Thinking, I have been able to get constant support from their management team; this is a real change from other places i have worked before and shows they do care" - Quang

Authority to Represent

Please read our Authority to Represent document.  Candidates should carefully read and familiarise themselves with the downloadable PDF on Authority to Represent. This document outlines the important information and expectations regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of their personal and sensitive information by Advance Thinking.

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