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Browse top-tier IT job opportunities and elevate your tech career. Connect with Australia's leading companies through Advance Thinking.
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Laser Targeted IT Candidate Sourcing

Your quest for extraordinary IT talent to drive innovation, boost your tech prowess, and transform your business starts here! Advance Thinking’s core business is in providing top quality delivery team people. Think of us as your ultimate IT recruitment powerhouse dedicated to taking your company to the next level. We’d love to talk to you

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Expert recruiters in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane identifying top-tier IT professionals

Whether you're in Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane, we're dedicated to sourcing extraordinary IT talent

We're all about revolutionising your IT recruitment. Our core strength? An extensive network of top-tier IT professionals, including coding wizards, data science gurus, and project managers, and even those hidden gems not actively seeking new opportunities.With our laser-targeted candidate sourcing and matchmaking mastery, we ensure you get the perfect cultural fit for your team, saving your precious time. From SMEs to multinationals, we've been empowering businesses since 2009, bringing the right people into the right roles, accelerating innovation, and driving meaningful change. We understand the importance of trust and confidentiality, treating your company's secrets as the precious assets they are. Rest assured, you're in good hands. So, are you ready to source extraordinary IT talent and accelerate your success? Contact us 

Essential Reading for Anyone Recruiting Agile Talent in 2024

This report prepared by Advance Thinking in conjunction with CXC Global is about the Agile Recruitment Landscape for the first quarter of 2024. In this analysis, we provide a comprehensive overview of the hiring dynamics for Agile talent in Australia and New Zealand. Our focus is on offering both quantitative data and qualitative insights to assist professionals in making well-informed decisions when recruiting Agile contingent and permanent staff for in-house projects and transformations. From competitive salary insights across major cities to emerging hiring trends that include the integration of AI and evolving work models, this report is designed to equip you with the knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of Agile delivery effectively

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What Makes Us Experts In IT Recruitment?

A Vast Talent


Access our extensive network of top-tier IT professionals, including coding wizards, data science gurus, scrum masters, project managers, business analysts and a host of other tech rockstars, and cybersecurity warriors. Our connections span every corner of the country.

Laser Targeted Candidate Sourcing

We've built an expansive network of IT professionals, including the hidden gems who aren't actively seeking new opportunities. Our cutting-edge sourcing strategies unearth the cream of the crop, ensuring you get access to the top talent without wasting a single precious moment.



You deserve a perfect fit. Our expert recruiters possess an uncanny ability to identify talent that aligns seamlessly with your company's unique DNA, ensuring optimal cultural alignment and enhanced productivity.

The Right Delivery People Power Teams That Deliver Consistent Results! 

In an accelerating digital landscape, securing the right delivery teams isn't just crucial - it's transformative. With the right team, you can harness innovation, enhance agility, and fast-track progress. With Advance Thinking, you'll do exactly that - and more. We understand that a strong delivery team isn't simply about technical expertise - it's about the harmonious fusion of the right skills, passion, and cultural fit. This synergy unlocks a reservoir of untapped potential, driving success not just in your current projects, but also catalysing future innovation. Choosing the right delivery team propels you past mere project completion. Instead, you'll experience the extraordinary - impeccable quality, unprecedented efficiency, and a driving force that powers you ahead of the curve. At Advance Thinking, we offer more than a vast network of top-tier professionals. We provide you with a gateway to extraordinary delivery teams - your catalyst for business transformation. We don't just find you the best - we find you the perfect fit, crafted to your unique goals and culture. Remember, your choice of delivery team shapes your journey ahead. Choose to partner with Advance Thinking, where your success is our mission. Let's journey beyond the ordinary together - because your extraordinary awaits.

Your Recruitment Partner 

Revolutionising Your IT Recruitment

Let us help you transform how you identify and hire new talent to drive your projects and business forward. We can help you discover exceptional candidates with unparalleled skills and untapped potential. We can help you tap those rare unicorns you need to help you power and reshape your business and lead you to unprecedented success.

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What Our Clients Say

"Quality Connections"

“Over the last 4 years I have gone to Advance Thinking for tech talent because they give me the flexibility in service that I want and the quality of candidates that I demand. I don't have time for "near-enough" and time is always tight. With Advanced Thinking I can rely on their strong network of quality connections, speed of service delivery and ongoing support”. 

Zvonko Balic

Chief Technology Officer

Challenger Bank


Expert recruiters in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane identifying top-tier IT professionals.


I’ve worked with the Advanced Thinking team for 15 years and to me, they’re a trusted brand - I know what I’m getting. We always have the transparency and also the flexibility in services that we want, from very transactional to full service - and that’s really important to me. The tech project space is very dynamic and I rely heavily on my network to find the right people who are driven to influence outcomes and by the quality of the work we offer. Advanced Thinking are an important member of my network”.  

Shane Kuret
Chief Information Office

Innovation in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane driven by Advance Thinking's comprehensive IT talent network.

"High calibre candidates"

“Advance Thinking is a key partner on QBE’s panel of preferred recruitment agencies and a well connected member of my personal network. They always deliver the quality of candidate that we demand for each role, and after placement, they truly care for their contractors and do a great job of supporting their experience in the role, alongside us. It’s really a great partnership that works well for us”.

Nathan Thompson
Head of Technology
Technology Transformation

Advance Thinking team in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane engaging in strategic IT recruitment planning.


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