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Browse top-tier IT job opportunities and elevate your tech career. Connect with Australia's leading companies through Advance Thinking.
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In the fast-paced world of business, the hunt for top talent never rests. The ever-evolving needs of organisations demand a recruitment solution that can keep up and provide a competitive advantage. Enter the Agile Recruitment Agency, a catalyst for success. As a recruiter or hirer, you deserve nothing but the best, and that is where Advance Thinking shines.

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Agile Delivery Amplified: The Transformative Power of Contingency Hires That Deliver Consistent Results! 

In the rapidly evolving digital realm, the agility of your delivery team is not just vital—it's a game-changer. By integrating contingency hires into your strategy, you're not just filling roles; you're injecting agility, innovation, and a dynamic pace into your projects. With Advance Thinking, that's precisely the advantage you gain. We recognize that an effective delivery team transcends mere technical skills; it's about creating a dynamic blend of expertise, passion, and the right cultural match. This combination is the key to unlocking a wealth of potential, propelling your projects not only to completion but to spark future innovations. Opting for the right agile delivery team elevates your project outcomes to realms beyond the ordinary—delivering exceptional quality, efficiency, and momentum that positions you ahead of the competition. At Advance Thinking, our promise extends beyond connecting you with an extensive pool of exceptional professionals; we offer you access to unparalleled agile delivery teams, your engine for true business metamorphosis. We're not just about finding the best; we're about finding the best fit for you, tailor-made to align with your distinct objectives and culture. Your selection of an agile delivery team determines the trajectory of your success. Choose Advance Thinking as your partner, where your triumph is our ultimate goal. Embark with us on a journey to the extraordinary, for your remarkable future is just on the horizon.

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Head of Development

As a Head of Development, you're not just managing tasks... you're orchestrating success. You need a team that hits every deadline, like a well-oiled machine, without blowing the budget or compromising on quality. It's about delivering stellar results, on time, every time.

Chief Technology Officers

For the Chief Technology Officers out there... Imagine creating an environment where synergy is not just a buzzword. Where your in-house brilliance meets outsourced dynamism, balancing expertise and flexibility like never before. Transform your operations into a powerhouse of innovation and strategic triumphs.

Product Owners

And to the Product Owners, envision a delivery function that's not just scalable but vibrant with alignment to your product development goals. A team equipped with the right skills, pulsating with the expertise needed to turn your product roadmap from vision to reality.

Your Recruitment Partner 

Revolutionising Your IT Recruitment

Let us help you transform how you identify and hire new talent to drive your projects and business forward. We can help you discover exceptional candidates with unparalleled skills and untapped potential. We can help you tap those rare unicorns you need to help you power and reshape your business and lead you to unprecedented success.

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What Our Clients Say

"Quality Connections"

“Over the last 4 years I have gone to Advance Thinking for tech talent because they give me the flexibility in service that I want and the quality of candidates that I demand. I don't have time for "near-enough" and time is always tight. With Advanced Thinking I can rely on their strong network of quality connections, speed of service delivery and ongoing support”. 

Zvonko Balic

Chief Technology Officer

Challenger Bank


Expert recruiters in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane identifying top-tier IT professionals.


I’ve worked with the Advanced Thinking team for 15 years and to me, they’re a trusted brand - I know what I’m getting. We always have the transparency and also the flexibility in services that we want, from very transactional to full service - and that’s really important to me. The tech project space is very dynamic and I rely heavily on my network to find the right people who are driven to influence outcomes and by the quality of the work we offer. Advanced Thinking are an important member of my network”.  

Shane Kuret
Chief Information Office

Innovation in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane driven by Advance Thinking's comprehensive IT talent network.

"High calibre candidates"

“Advance Thinking is a key partner on QBE’s panel of preferred recruitment agencies and a well connected member of my personal network. They always deliver the quality of candidate that we demand for each role, and after placement, they truly care for their contractors and do a great job of supporting their experience in the role, alongside us. It’s really a great partnership that works well for us”.

Nathan Thompson
Head of Technology
Technology Transformation

Advance Thinking team in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane engaging in strategic IT recruitment planning.


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